1. एम. पी. ए. (गायन / स्वरवाद्य) - सेमेस्टर पाठ्यक्रम. View
2 एम. पी. ए. (गायन / स्वरवाद्य) - स्वाध्यायी छात्रों हेतु वार्षिक पाठ्यक्रम. View
3 M.P.A. (Vocal Music and String Instruments) : (Pattern - Semester). View
4 M.P.A. (Bharatnatyam) : (Pattern - Yearly). View
5 M.P.A. (Bharatnatyam) : (Pattern - Semester). View
6 M.P.A. (Kathak) : (Pattern - Semester). View
7 Bachelor in Performing Arts (BPA). View
8 Amended syllabus for Skill Development (कौशल विकास ) under B.P.A. (Sem.-V). View
9 Teaching Skills (Sem.-VIII). View
10 Updated syllabus of BPA/ BFA/ B.Voc English Language, Literature and English Language and Communication Skills.. View
11 Vocal / Instrumental Music. View
12 TABLA. View
13 Kathak. View
14 Bharatnatyam. View
15 Odissi. View
16 Folk Music. View
17 BFA / MFA. View
18 B.Voc.. View
19 Hindi. View
20 English. View
21 Sanskrit. View
22 Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archeology. View
23 Theater. View

                                                                                                                              OTHER SYLLABUS 

1 BPA Hindi Bhasha View
2 BPA Hindi Literature (Hindi Sahitya) view
3 BFA HISTORY OF ART Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
4 BFA Graphics Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
6 BPA and MPA Kathak Main Subject Yearly view
7 BFA proposed Theory HOA AESTHETICS view
8 BFA Painting Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
9 BFA Sculpture Syllabus  & Exam Scheme view
10 BPA BFA B.Voc. English Language view
11 BPA Folk Music Elective view
12 BPA Bharatnatyam elective subject Yearly view
13 BPA Bharatnatyam Main Subject Yearly view
14 BPA Folk Music Main Subject view
15 BPA Elective Light Music view
16 MPA Folk Music Regular Candidate Yearly view
17 BPA English literature annual syllabus view
18 BPA Elective Vocal Instrumental yearly view
19 BPA Environmental Studies Compulsory Subject view
20 BPA Tabla Elective Yearly 2022 view
21 BPA Odissi Main Subject Yearly view
22 BPA Odissi Elective Yearly view
23 BPA Tabla Main Yearly 2022 view
24 BPA Vocal and Instruments yearly Main view
25 BPA Tabla Yearly Hindi 2022 view
26 BPA Sanskrit Sahitya C group view
27 Communication Skills 2nd year SYLLABUS view
28 M.A. English Annual view
29 Kathak Syllabus for BPA MPA Diploma Yearly System view
30 BPATabla  Yearly Syllabus English view
31 Diploma syllabus for Bhartnatyam view
32 M.A. Hindi view
33 MA and BPA AIHCA Syllabus Yearly view
34 MA Sanskrit Sahitya Yearly System view
35 Mark Distribution for Two Year Diploma in Art Appreciation view
36 MFA History of Arts view
37 MFA Graphics Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
38 MFA History of Art subject for Sculpture Painting and Graphics view
39 MFA Histroy of Arts PRACTICAL view
40 MFA Sculpture Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
41 MPA Tabla Private Yearly 2022 view
42 MFA Painting Syllabus & Exam Scheme view
43 MPA Bharatnatyam Private Candidate view
44 MPA Bharatnatyam Regular Candidate view
45 MPA Odissi Private Candidate view
46 MPA Odissi Regular view
47 MPA Tabla Regular Yearly 2022 view
48 MPA Tabla Yearly Regular English view
49 One Year PG Diploma Odissi view
50 One Year PG Diploma Tabla view
51 One Year PG Diploma Kathak Hindi view
52 One Year PG Diploma Bharatnatyam view
53 MPA Vocal and Instrumental Yearly view
54 One year PG Diploma Vocal and Instruments view
55 Prayojanmulak Hindi Syllabus view
56 Yoga hindi view
57 Yoga English view
59 One Year Diploma in Sound Recording & Sound Reproduction view