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  • Hostel Rules
    1. The university has separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus. The hostels have their separate mess.
    2. Admission to hostel shall be granted by a committee constituted by the university.
    3. Hostel facility is not available for Diploma students.
    4. University will provide only existing facilities. University is not bound to provide extra facilities.
    5. Hostlers are required to deposit the hostel charges for one academic session in one installment.
    6. Students shall have to enclose a medical fitness certificate from a Civil Surgeon/ Registered Medical Practitioner before admission in hostel.
    7. Electric appliances like bulbs and tube-lights shall be provided only once by the university, at the beginning of the session. Using any extra electrical gadgets in the Hostel is an offence for which a fine of Rs. 500.00 will be levied on the spot.
    8. University reserves the right to expel any hosteller suffering from contagious disease on the recommendation of the Registered Medical Practitioner.
    9. Hostellers are advised to take care of their belongings themselves.
    10. Warden of girls’ hostel has right to check the mails of hostellers.
    11. Inmates will be allowed to visit only the visitors authorized by their Parents/Guardian.
    12. It is compulsory to have meal in hostel mess. Mess facility will be available only after payment of prescribed mess charge. Hostellers must pay their mess charges before 10th of every month.
    13. All the hostellers must be present in their allotted rooms during the inspection by the hostel warden at 9.00 pm daily.
    14. Main gate of the girls’ hostel will be closed at 7.30 pm and boys’ hostel at 10.00 pm.
    15. Female hostellers are not allowed to go/stay out of the hostel after 7.30 pm without prior permission of the hostel warden.
    16. Local students are not allowed to avail the hostel facility.
    17. Unauthorized writing on the walls is strictly prohibited.
    18. Participation in ragging or abetting in any manner is prohibited and punishable.
    19. Hostellers should reside only in their allotted rooms.
    20. In case of damage of any hostel property, hostellers will be charged cash penalty for the same.
    21. Hostellers are not allowed to leave or stay outside Khairagarh without permission of hostel wardens.
    22. Smoking and using Liquor/Drugs in the hostel is strictly prohibited and punishable.
    23. Hostellers are strictly prohibited to participate in any kind of anti - social activities.
    24. Hostellers should completely vacate their rooms after the end of the session and submit the keys of their rooms to the hostel warden before leaving.
    25. The University has all rights to modify/add /delete the rules from time to time.
    26. Parents must be present with girls at the time of admission in the hostel.
    27. University reserves the right to allot the hostel as per availability.
    28. Hostel Warden may inspect any room at any time without prior intimation.

International Students may contact International Student Advisor of the University for their respective queries on:

Name: Mr. Likeshwar Verma

(Asst. Professor, Dept. of Vocal Music)

Phone: +91-940-613-8301


Counselling Committee for Admiission in the Session 2023-24.

Details of the Placement Cell






Shri Venkat Raman Gude

Associate Professor - Craft & Design

Director, IQAC


Ms. Medini Hombal

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Bharatnatyam, IKSV



Shri Rabinarayan Gupta

Assistant Professor

Department of Graphics, IKSV



Dr. Likeshwar Verma

Assistant Professor

Department of Vocal Music, IKSV



Shri Vijay Singh

Assistant Registrar, IKSV



Dr. Prabodh Gupta

System Analyst, IKSV



President Student Union






Code of Conduct
1. All the students must adhere to the ‘University Code of Conduct’ and ‘Anti – Ragging Ordinance’ available with Proctor and Dean of Students Welfare.
2. Ragging, in or outside the campus, is strictly prohibited and considered a cognizable offence.
3. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned students shall be given chance to explain and if his/her explanation is not satisfactory, the authority would expel him/her from the institution.
4. A Proctorial-Board, (consisting of three senior university teachers, two senior students, two guardians, Proctor, Dean of Students Welfare, Wardens of girls and Boys Hostels) is constituted especially for the purpose of vigilance and recommendation of disciplinary actions.
5. For any anti-disciplinary act or misconduct of the students, inside or outside the university campus, disciplinary actions including suspension, expulsion, debarring from appearing in the examinations and rustication etc. will be taken on the recommendation of the Proctorial Board.
6. The girls are expected to attend the classes in sober dresses (like Salwar-kurta or Saree-blouse).
7. Smoking and using Liquor/Drugs in the campus is strictly prohibited and punishable.
8. In case of any dispute relating to admission/qualification/fee/reservation/age limit etc., decision of the university shall be final.