About Library

The University Library was established in the year 1958. This is a unique library in the country devoted primarily to the study and research on Indian Classical Music and Visual arts.
The State Library of the Khairagarh State called Edward Library was merged in the Janpad Library and later the Janpad Library was merged in the university library, therefore this library is having very useful and rare books on contemporary history, literature and some other disciplines. Our university was recognized by the U. G. C. in the year 1971. After receiving the grants from the U. G. C. the University library started to develop faster. The separate library building was constructed during the sixth five-year plan by 100% U. G. C. grants.

Our Library has a unique collection dedicated to education and research in the field of music,dance, folk music and visual arts. Library has rich collection of more than 45 thousand books,2400 plus back volumes of research journals, more than 430 thesis and 40 plus subscribed journals. Library also has special section for visually challenged users. In this section we havebrail literature, audio books, brail typewriter and printer with computer for visually challenged users.

University Library has signed a MoU with IGNCA, New Delhi and INGLIBNET Centre,Gandhinagar for NCAA project and Shodhaganga, respectively.

Library Sections:
1. Acquisition Section
2. Technical Section
3. Circulation Section (Circulation & Property Counter)
4. Automation and E-Library
5. Thesis and Back-volumes
6. Periodical Section
7. Reference Section
8. Manuscripts and Rare Book
9. Section for Visually Challenged (Brail and Audio Books)
10. Reprography
11. Reading Hall
12. Audiovisual Section

Library Committee:

1.  Vice Chancellor  Chairperson
2.  Dean, Faculty of Music  Member (Ex-officio)
3.  Dean, Faculty of Dance  Member (Ex-officio)
4.  Dean, Faculty of Arts  Member (Ex-officio)
5.  Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts   Member (Ex-officio)
6.  Dean, Faculty of Folk Music & Arts   Member (Ex-officio)
7.  Head of the Department Member   Member (3 Years)
8.  Head of the Department Member   Member (3 Years)
9.  Head of the Department Member   Member (3 Years)
10.  Teacher Member   Member (3 Years)
11.  Teacher Member   Member (3 Years)
12. Teacher Member   Member (3 Years)
13. Librarian   Secretary




Dr. Manas Sahu

Associate Professor,Physics of Sound

Designation :- In-charge, Library

Phone :- 07820-234588