Vice Chancellor

  Prof. Dr. Mandavi Singh

 Born on 18th August 1964 in the Royal Family of Khairagarh of Chhattisgarh State, Prof. Mandavi Singh has established herself as a multi-faceted, dynamic and pristine  performer of Indian Classical Dance whose conduct, command and presentation has set a bench mark for all the upcoming performers.  Her simple lifestyle, her attitude  toward work, her ethos and philosophies towards the common man’s life have stands her out from the crowd and made her a role model and peer for millions of girls of  the younger  generation of today. Rare gem of the performing arts which shimmers the stage with her glittering shades of life and commendable approach towards the  perfection.

 From the early childhood she had developed the required passion and dedication towards the Kathak Dance. She had started acquiring training from the early age of
 13 years. It is when she got acquainted with Prof. P.D. Ashirwadam (Ph.D.) at Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya of Khairagarh and started obtaining her professional  training following very pious essence of Guru – Shishya Parampara of Indian Culture. Since from then she had never looked back and has been glorified with various  awards for prominent traits of her multi dimensional understanding and learning of Kathak Dance Style. 

 During her tennure as Vice Chancellor in the same University where she has started her journey as common student, she has provided her soul to nuture this University. She is constantly motivating creative  abilities of the learners and putting earnest efforts in meeting the challenges of higher education in modern times.

 The campus of the University is depicting the idea of small global village (Vasudhiayva Kutumbakam) where all the aspirants get an opportunity of intermingling with their counterparts from different parts of  the country and overseas. All the departments of the University are well equipped with latest technology for effective learning. University has all the requisite facilities for all fine arts students, researchers,  doctrinaire and academic thinkers. The university campus remains vibrant with cultural and musical programs throughout the year.


 I, welcome all the budding artists, students and researchers to have rare feel of our rich tradition of music, dance and other art forms at a place that is conducive to 'Sangeet Sadhana'.

All the Best!

Prof. Mandavi Singh