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Yoga Centre of University:         

The University also has a Fitness Gym equipped with basic fitness equipments.

Day by day competition is increasing in the modern world and so is stress in our life. Often it is being observed that,it becomes very tough for us to meet the impeccable demand of the society. At Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya we embark upon a journey of self discovery and true bliss to overcome all the challenges of demanding and competitive modern lifestyle.














                                     Yoga centre is established in the Univeristy to provide relevant training in Yoga so that, our students and staff will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. It is one of the best known and effective forms of stress relief and helps students in concentrating better on their respective academic programmes.  Yoga Centre gives knowledge of various forms of Pranayamas and Asanas useful in building muscular and developing mental strength. The centre is also running diploma and a six month certificate course in Yoga.