New Reality in Indian Education

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Date: 06th June, 2020
Time: 11.30 am (IST)
Registration is open till: 05th June, 2020 - 06.00 pm (IST)
Topic: New Reality in Indian Education
Resource Person: Dr. Pramod Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist
Collaboration: IQAC of IKSV Khairagarh and CIIMHANS

About Webinar

The Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic is among the greatest health crisis humankind have faced so far and is challenging us to prepare, respond, and recover during its rapid spread. By straining every country where it incubates, this virus is distressing social, economical, educational and political emergency that would leave deep scars.

By closure of higher education institutions - a preventive step taken by the authorities towards controlling and curbing of the epidemic, Institutions were left only with one option to transform existing education system to the online teaching. However, it had also created a cloud of anxiety among the stakeholders due to various factors.

In order to respond towards such anxiety and following positive approach towards life amid COVID-19 pandemic, IQAC of the University in collaboration with Central India Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS) is organizing a webinar on addressing the above issues. Webinar based on the topic New Reality in Indian Education will be covering the corners of Students anxiety and its probable solutions.


Central India Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS) has been established and functioning since from the year 2007 by the benevolent and generous minded members of the Elite director board of Dr Ram Lakhan Gupta Foundation, Durg (CG). CIIMHANS, since its commencement of journey, is reaching out to the victims of mental health issues, addiction and the lamenting families.

It had played vital role in irradiation of the customary scheme of faith healing, Jadu, Tona, Jhad-phook and many named or unnamed techniques was on a rise its promoters like Baigas and Guniyas etc.  Quality Policy of Central India Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS) aims at enhancing the excellence of healthcare by incessant progress & to provide utmost contentment for our stakeholders.

About Resource Person:

DR. PRAMOD GUPTA (Consultant Psychiatrist ) LF-16167
With the successful legacy of more than two decades and immeasurably experience in understanding the situation and dilemma of a mental health patient. Dr. Pramod Gupta is the renowned and celebrated psychiatrist in the Central India. He had published books on Depression, Quality of life, marital adjustment and social support among spouses of patients with alcohol dependence and normal controls (Co-Author).

To further his pursuit in the field of psychiatry Dr Gupta devotes some of his time as a researcher and writer. As a writer, he has books titled “अवसाद” and “Addiction and its Management” to his name. He believes that the monotony of daily life can be a trap and it is necessary for everyone to surround oneself with new ideas, therefore Dr Gupta has actively taken part as an educationist. As a resource person he had delivered 429 lectures so far. He believes that students have helped him in challenging himself and at times given a new perspective in the field of health and medicine.