List of Officers / Incharges


सुश्री अनुसुईया उइके 

छत्तीसगढ़ की राज्यपाल एवं

कुलाधिपति , इंदिरा कला संगीत विश्वविद्यालय, खैरागढ़


श्रीमती मोक्षदा (ममता)  चन्द्राकर 

(पद्मश्री से सम्मानित)

234534 (O), 234448 (R), 234108 (FAX)
[email protected]

Designation Name Phone/Mobile/Fax
Dean, Faculty of Music; Dean, Student Welfare, In-Charge, CDC & In-Charge, Research Dr. Himanshu Vishwaroop 07587193830
Dean, Faculty of Dance & Proctor Prof. Dr. Neeta Gaherwar  09407762788
Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts Prof. S. P. Chaudhary 09425563187
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Director, IQAC Prof. Dr. Mridula Shukla 09425655312
Dean, Faculty of Folk Music & Arts & Incharge, Examination Prof. Dr. Kashinath Tiwari 08878588098
In-Charge, Establishment Prof. Dr. I.D. Tiwari 09406239525
Registrar Prof. Dr. I.D. Tiwari 07820234232
Finance officer Mr. G.P. Baghel 09691087011
Museum - Curator & Incharge, Vehical Dr. Ashutosh Chaure 09425560509
Prof. In-Charge, Student Union Prof. Dr. Rajan Yadav 09977567123
Assistant Registrar Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh 07722946777
In-Charge, Computer Centre Dr. Prabodh Kumar Gupta 07820234198
In-Charge, Cultural Programme Dr. Parth Chakraborty 09425566072
In-Charge, University Teaching Department (UTD) Dr. Naman Dutt 09406138608
In-Charge, ICCR & International Student Advisor Mr. Likeshwar Verma 09406138301
Warden, Girls’ Hostel Dr. Deomait Minj 09406276485
Warden, Boys’ Hostel & Public Relation Officer (PRO) Shri Kaplil Verma 09907429819
In-Charge, Affiliation & In-Charge, Scholarship Dr. Manas Sahu 09301342064
In-Charge, Sports Dr. Rabi Narayan Gupta 07587493520
In-Charge, Library & University Publication Dr. Yogendra Choubey 09424184027
Programme Officer, N.S.S. Shri Jagdeo Netam 09584799088
In-Charge, Auditorium Shri Vivek Naware 09405975117