1. Students must have at least 75% attendance in the concerned course, failing which he or she shall be barred from appearing in the examination. Under special circumstance, the Vice-Chancellor may allow 15% relaxation, on the recommendation of the Head of the Department.
2. Examination forms prescribed for Regular and Private candidates separately shall be accepted up to 45 days before the commencement of the concerned examination with the special permission of the Vice-Chancellor on payment of the special examination fee.
3. The application for revaluation must reach the university within 15 days from the receipt of the mark sheet after declaration of result.
4. No foreign/NRI student is allowed to appear in any examination as an external candidate.
5. If any foreign/NRI student is found to have appeared in any other examination, from an institution not related to I.K.S.V., without obtaining prior permission from this university, the student shall be barred from appearing in the university examinations.
6. Medium of writing in the examination is Hindi or English only.
7. Eligibility for admission all Post Graduate courses will be as under :
a. 45% marks aggregate in the qualifying degree exam.
b. 50% marks in concerned subject (All the 3 years together).

Examination Schedule

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Result List 1 Result List 2 Result List 3
01 B.VOC_.Design VIIth Sem. (2nd year) 2015.pdf 02 MFA (PAINTING) 1st Sem 2015.pdf 03 MFA (SCULPTURE) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf
04 MFA GRAPHICS) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf 05 MFA (PAINTING) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf06 MFA (SCULPTURE) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 07 MFA (GRAPHICS) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf
08 B.F.A. (GRAPHICS) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 09 M.A. (Loksangeet) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf 10 M.A. (Loksangeet) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf
011 M.A. (AIHCA) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf 012 M.A. (AIHCA) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 013 B.VOC_. Vth SEMESTER (Ist year) 2015.pdf
014 M.A. (Music, Dance, Theatre) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf 015 M.A. (Music, Dance, Theatre) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 016 B.F.A. (SCULPTURE) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf
017 B.F.A.(FOUNDATION COURSE) 1st Sem 2015.pdf 018 B.F.A.(PAINTING) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 019 B.A.(Hons.) 1st Sem. 2015.pdf
020 B.A.(Hons.) 3rd Sem. 2015.pdf 021( One Year) Diploma Loksangeet 2015.pdf 022 (Two Year) Diploma Loksangeet 2015.pdf
023 (Two Year) Final Year Diploma Loksangeet 2015.pdf 024 KOVID First Sem. (Music & Dance) 2015.pdf 025 KOVID Final Year (Music & Dance) 2015.pdf
026 PG Diploma in Travel & Tourism 2015.pdf 027 M.PHIL_.(KATHAK DANCE) 2015.pdf 028 M.A. Loksangeet First Year 2015.pdf
029 M.A. Loksangeet Final Year 2015.pdf 030 BFA (PAINTING) SECOND YEAR 2015.pdf 31 BFA (SCULPTUIRE) SECOND YEAR 2015.pdf
038 M.A. Loksngeet Second Sem. 2015.pdf 039 M.A. Loksangeet 4rth Sem. 2015.pdf 040 MFA (PAINTING) FOURTH SEMESTER 2015.pdf
041 MFA (SCULPTURE) FOURTH SEMESTER 2015.pdf 042 MFA (GRAPHICS) FOURTH SEMESTER 2015.pdf 043 B.A Hons. Final Year 2015.pdf
044 MFA (PAINTING) SECOND SEMESTER 2015.pdf 045 MA (AIHCA) II Sem. 2015.pdf 046 M.A. (AIHCA) Fourth Sem. 2015.pdf
047 B.A. Final Year 2015.pdf 048 Geetanjali Junior Diploma 2015.pdf 050 Geetanjali Senior Diploma 2015.pdf
051 M.A. (Music & Dance) Final Year Private Student 2015.pdf 054 B.A. Third Sem - 2015.pdf 054 B.A. Third Sem - 2015.pdf 054 B.A. Third Sem - 2015.pdf
056 M.A. Fourth Sem. Music, Dance & Theater 2015.pdf 057 M.A. First Year Private Music & Dance - 2015.pdf 058 B.A. (Hons) Second Year - 2015.pdf
059 ONE YEAR ART APPRECIATION COURSE (PAINTING) - 2015.pdf 060 Vid Final Year Music & Dance - 2015.pdf 061 Madhyama Final Year Music & Dance - 2015.pdf
062 Prathama Final Year Music & Dance 2015.compressed.pdf 063 Vid First Year Music & Dance - 2015.pdf 064 MFA (SCULPTURE) Second Sem. 2015.pdf
065 MFA (GRAPHICS) Second Sem - 2015.pdf 066 B.A. First Sem. Dec. 2014.pdf 067 Madhyama First Year Music & Dance -2015.pdf  
068 B.F.A 3rd Year & Final Year & B.A. Hons Final Year - 2015.pdf 75 Prathama Pratham.pdf 76 BFA IV Sem (Painting)
77-BA II Year -15 078 With held Result 2015 079 With held B.F.A. II Sem. (FOUNDATION COURSE) 2015
080 With held BA(Hons.) II Sem-2015 081 With held BA(Hons.) IV Sem-2015 082 With held BA II Sem-2015
083 With held BA IV Sem-2015 084-With held RESULT-2015