The Department of English was established in 1971. The Department provides teaching of English Literature and English Language to the
students of BPA, BFA and B.Voc.  In addition to that students are offered a One Year Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in
Communicative English which is joined by the students from India and abroad, like Sri Lanka and Mauritius in large numbers. The Department
has a Language Lab, which significantly contributes in teaching and learning of language through various smart aids, devices and
Wordsworth language lab software. The Department offers Ph.D and D.Litt. programme and has produced more than a dozen PhDs in diverse
areas relating not only to English but other interdisciplinary areas like Theatre, Folk Art and Fine Arts . In addition to that Department is abuzz
with literary activities like Film Screenings, Competiton, Debates etc. for students of all disciplines, across the year. The Department keeps on
organising Invited Lectures, Workshops, International and National/ Conferences/ Seminars from time to time by inviting eminent scholars
from various areas such as English Language Teaching, Academic Writing, English Literature, Modern Theory and Criticism etc. In near
future, Department seeks to have further involvement through collaborations for exchange programmes from different educational
institutions from all over the globe for teaching, research and related activities. The Department also brings out Research Journal Literary
Discourses (ISSN: 0976-2035) annually.

Research Programmes - Ph.D. and D.Litt.
Publications of the Department:
1. Steinbeck’s Heroes in his Short Stories and Novels   
2. Sociology of Language and Art of Literature (Edt)
3. Cultural Nuances of Language and Literature (Edt)
4. Dispersed Deliberations on Performing Arts and Literature. (Edt).



Prof. I.D. Tiwari
Designation :- Dean & Head
Mobile :- +91 9406239525

Shri  Kaustubh Ranjan
Designation :- Asst. Professer
Mobile :- +91  8377030649
Email Id :- [email protected]