The Department was established in 1956 and is engaged in teaching different styles of Hindustani Vocal Music. Department primarily offers Under Graduate B.A. and B.A. (Hons.) and Post Graduate M.A. programmes. Department also runs various diploma courses especially to motivate young budding artist and school kids towards music. Diploma courses of eight years in classical vocal from Prathama to Kovid and a two year light music diploma course, called Geetanjali (Junior & Senior) are also available for music lovers. Apart from above, the department also provides research opportunities in the field of Music through M. Phil., Ph. D. and D. Lit. programs.

The department offers teaching in Violin (Hindustani), Sitar and Sarod. Department is engaged in providing Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes. Researchers are encouraged through M.Phil., Ph. D. and D. Lit. programs. The department also offers various diploma programmes viz. Prathama, Madhayama, Vid & Kovid to generate interest among the upcoming artists towards String Instruments.

Established in the Year 1994, Department of percussion is engaged in learning, teaching and accommodating research work in Tabla and other percussion instruments. The courses have been designed to facilitate elaborate training and extensive exposure to the students. The aim is to produce good music educators cum performers. Under-graduate B.A. and B.A. (Hons.), Postgraduate M.A. and different levels of diploma courses Prathama, Madhayama, Vid & Kovid are offered to fulfill the requirements of the students.

Department was established in the Year 2011 with the objective of providing facility to learn South Indian Music for the all students of Northern Region. This department offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Karnatak Vocal and Violin. Research opportunities are made available through Ph.D. and D.Litt. programmes. Apart from this the department also provides training through various Diploma Programmes viz. Prathama, Madhyama, Vid and Kovid.

The department basically supports the students of music for a part of their studies in music theory. The department is well equipped with audiovisual recording equipments.

Established in the year 1956, the Department of Kathak is one of the oldest Department of the University. Kathak is known as one of the most expressive Dance Forms in India. Like its vivid expressions and unique language, the department offers learning experience through various Under Graduate B.A. & B.A. Hons. programmes and Post Graduate M.A. level courses. Department also offers research activities through M. Phil., Ph. D. and D. Litt. programs. The department also nurtures creativity by introductory dance training facility for the young children through its various diploma level programmes Prathama, Madhayama, Vid & Kovid.
The Department also works for the preservation & enhancement of the art of Kathak dance style and thus enhancing the cultural heritage of India, which

Established in the year 1971, the department offers two types of UG courses B.A. & B.A. Hons., one PG course M.A., along with research programmes M.Phil., Ph. D & D. Litt. and an introductory dance training facility for the young children through Diploma Courses. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of dances are taught here. The teaching is imparted in both English and Hindi languages for the convenience of Indian and international students. Many Ph. D’s have been awarded and many more research work has been going on in the Dept.
The Dept. aims for producing talented and efficient new generation of dancers who will not only be able to preserve this ancient art style but also take it to new dimensions which is achieved through a combined format of traditional teaching methods and modern research facilities.

Established in the year 2014, is the new Department under the Faculty of Dance. The Department has introduced two Under Graduate B.A. & B.A. Hons., Post Graduate M.A. and Diploma Courses Prathama, Madhayama, Vid & Kovid. in Odissi dance form.

Department of Folk Music was inaugurated in the year 1978. In the year 1984, the department developed gradually and was established as a full-fledged faculty named as
Faculty of Folk Music and Art. The faculty works to promote, preserve and propagate Folk music and art of the remote areas in its original form.
The department is actively engaged in teaching and research of different folk traditions of the country with an emphasis on various folk dance forms. Under Graduate B.A., B.A. Hons. and Post Graduate M.A. programmes are running in the department. Research work associated with the field of Folk Music and Dance is rewarded with the Ph.D. and D.Litt. programs. This department also offers Six months Certificate Course and One year & Two years diploma courses.

Established in the Year 1973, the department of Painting is associated in providing learning on scientific principles and creative aspects of the Painting. These principles form the core of the budding artists and release their artistic creativity. The Department offers Under Graduate B.F.A. and Post Graduate M.F.A. programmes. Research work on Indian Contemporary and Western Art forms is encouraged through Ph. D. and D. Litt. Programmes. The department is also running one year art appreciation diploma course.

Established in the Year 1989, Department of Graphics is engaged in teaching Under Graduate B.F.A. and Post Graduate M.F.A. programmes. The department is actively engaged in research activities through Ph. D. Programmes. Students are provided with the required freedom in shaping their ideas, while their own standpoints and artistic opinions are honed and stimulated through discussions with teachers. Special focus is on the development of students' own independent grasp of graphics with the maximum effort is made to encourage experimentation within the broader field of visual arts and its overlap with other media. The curriculum at U.G., P.G. and Ph.

Department provides the essential knowledge to which students can add their insight, imagination and ability to explore different dimensions of this art form. The department offers Under Graduate B.F.A. and Post Graduate M.F.A. programmes. The primary goal of the Department is to educate students, to make them capable of integrating form and information for the purposes of effective visual communication

Established in the Year 2013, Department of Craft and Design offers vocational degree programme B.Voc – Design. Apart from employability aspects of the programme, the objective of the Department is to make the quality design education affordable and accessible to the prospective students from the traditional craft / rural/ tribal family back ground and to
expose students to rich Indian craft traditions and techniques and train them to design and develop utility products or decorative objects.

Established in the Year 2013, Department is focused on imparting education in History of Art and Aesthetics. The Department offers Under Graduate programme with objectives of imparting historical and theoretical knowledge, enlighten students with cultural rituals and traditions and providing new perspectives and directions for research scholars.


The Department of English, Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya was founded in 1971. The Department provides teaching of English Literature and English Language to the students of both B.A. and B.A. (Hons.).  In addition to that students are offered a One Year Diploma Course in Communicative English which is joined by the students from India and abroad, like Sri Lanka and Mauritius in large numbers. The Department also has a Language Lab, which significantly contributes in working towards enrichment of language and providing various opportunities to students. The Department also offers Ph.D and D.Litt programme in English and subsequent areas related to Literature in relation to Theatre, Fine Arts and Music. The Department keeps organizing Guest Lectures, Workshops, International and National/ Conferences/ Seminars for students in various areas such as English Language Teaching, Academic Writing, Literature etc. In near future, Department seeks to have further involvement in collaborations for exchange and visit of scholars to and from different educational institutions from all over the globe for teaching and related activities.

Courses Offered:
•    B.A. I, II, III Year- English Literature (Optional)
•    B.A. I, II, III Year- English Language (Compulsory)
•    B.A. (Hons.)/ B.F.A I, II – English Language (Optional)
•    One Year Diploma in Communicative English

Research Programme - Ph.D. and D.Litt.


Faculty Profile:

Prof.(Dr.) I.D.Tiwari (On Lien) 

Designation:  Professor and Head

Qualifications:  M. A. M.Phil. Ph. D. (Indian writing in English, American literature)

Teaching Experience: 26 yr.


  • Books with ISBN with details of publishers: 08
    • 03 by IKSV, Khairagarh;
    • 02 by Prakash Book Depot, Bareilly;
    • 02 by Y .King Publisher, Jaipur,
    • 01 by Shalabh Publication, Meerut).
  • Chapters in Books: 04
  • Books Edited: 02
  • Number of papers published in Peer Reviewed Journals (National / International): 10


Mr. Kaustubh Ranjan 

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:  M. A. English (Gold Medalist) , U.G.C NET, Ph. D. (ongoing) from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Teaching Experience: 02 yr.

  • Papers Published: 03

Details of Papers Published:

  • Tracing the Postcolonial-Ecological Schema: A Reading of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now in Glocal Colloquies, ISSN: 2454- 2423, Vol 2, Issue 1, June 2016
  • Myth of Gender Still Unbroken: A Reading of Mahesh Datttani’s Dance Like a Man, in a literary e-journal, Muse India- ISSN: 0975- 1815, Issue 60: Mar- Apr 2015.
  • Voices from the Margin: A Reading of Hira Bansode’s Poetry in e-journal, International Journal of Research (IJR) e-ISSN: 2348-6848 Volume 2, Issue 06, June 2015.

 Conference and Seminar:  International: 02, National: 03

  • Changing Face of Masculinity: The Revival of the “Old Hero” in Popular Culture, at National Global Conference on Imagining the Indian Popular: Globalisation and its Discontents at Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • Greening The Politics: A Reading of As You Like It and The Tempest, at International Global Shakespeares Conference at Presidency University, Kolkata (West Bengal)
  • Searching for the Green: A Reading of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Cappola’s Apocalypse Now, at International Conference on Literature to Cinema: Appropriation Adaptation, Adulteration, Durgapur (W.B.)
  • Myth of Gender Still Unbroken: A Reading of Mahesh Datttani’s Dance Like a Man at National Conference on Myth, History, Tradition and Modernity in Indian English Drama, Chhindwara (M.P.)
  • Voices from the Margin: A Reading of Hira Bansode’s Poetry at National Conference on Postcolonial Subaltern Studies and Tribal Literature, Amarkantak (M.P.)


The department is engaged in teaching of Hindi language and Hindi literature at under graduate level. One Year Diploma in Creative Writing will be offered from the session 2015-16. Functional Hindi will also be available as optional subject at Under Graduate level from this session. The department is also actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research in Ph.D. and D.Litt.

The department is engaged in teaching of Sanskrit language and Sanskrit literature at under graduate level. The department is also actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research in Ph.D. and D.Litt. The department is also running Diploma in Functional Sanskrit.

The department offers teachings for under graduate and post graduate programmes. It also offers Ph.D. and D.Lit. research programme. An archaeological museum consists of ancient and archaeological remains are managed by this department.

Department of Lifelong Learning carries out a variety of life long learning programs at its centre as well as in the rural areas. Department regularly organizes workshops, seminars, special gatherings (sammelans), etc. to facilitate the necessary training for the rural society with an objective of holistic development of Indian Culture and Vocations. The department runs short term and long term programs specially designed to help the rural people and to empower them to utilize the diverse resources at micro and macro level for self reliance.

Established in the Year 2006, Department of Theatre offers undergraduate & post graduate courses level. The department is also actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research in Ph.D. and D.Lit.

Day by day competition is increasing in the modern world and so is stress in our life. Often it is being observed that, it becomes very tough for us to meet the impeccable demand of the society. At Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya we embark upon a journey of self discovery and true bliss to overcome all the challenges of demanding and competitive modern lifestyle. The yoga centre is established to give relevant training in Yoga so that, our students and staff will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. It is one of the best known and effective forms of stress relief and helps students in concentrating better on their respective academic programmes. Yoga Centre gives knowledge of various forms of Pranayamas and Asanas useful in building muscular and developing mental strength. The centre is also running diploma and a six month certificate course in Yoga.