Department of History of Arts and Aesthetics

    Established in the year 2013, this department has students of visual art faculty (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Painting, Sculpture, Graphics) Through the teaching of theoretical subjects, intellectual maturity for art creation and their high Instructional vision and preparation of students for further competitive examinations is the main
objective of the department.his department centered on providing history of art and aesthetics education,Under its curriculum, students and researchers are taken new approaches and research knowledge by
   understanding the knowledge and importance of various cultural rituals and traditions.





Prof. V. Nagdas
Designation :- Professor & Head (Incharge) 
Mobile :- +91 08103332345
Email Id :- [email protected]

Mr. Kapil Singh Verma

Designation :- Assistant Professor

Mobile :- +91 09907429819

Email Id :- [email protected]

 Mr. Kapil Singh Verma