Department of Graphics


Graphic Arts is widely known as Printmaking and an established art form in the field of visual arts. Department of Graphics (Print Making)  was established in 1989.

            Khairagarh has been in the forefront in the field of Graphic Arts for the last two and a half decades with spectacular achievements through serving as a major training ground providing a permanent and suitably equipped place for various printmaking techniques.

            The department focuses on the study of modern Graphic techniques like: Etching,         Mezzotint, Dry Point, Engraving, Spit Bite, Multi Plate, Viscosity , Lino Cut, Relief print, Wood Cut, Serigraphy, Collography, Lithography, Plate lithography, Mixed media and Intaglio.

            Students are given the possibilities of freedom in shaping their ideas, while their own standpoints and artistic opinions are honed and stimulated through discussions with teachers. Special focus is on the development of students' own independent grasp of graphics with the maximum effort is made to encourage experimentation within the broader field of visual arts and its overlap with other media. The departments are basically dedicated to creative and innovative reproduction in the field of Visual Arts and are taught technical and aesthetic aspects of Printmaking.

The Department of Graphics offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program stressing creative and intellectual thinking; awareness of individual, social, cultural, and communicative issues; the integration of new technology, and a concern for ethical implications of the natural environment.

   The primary goal of the curriculum is to educate students, to make them capable of integrating form and information for the purposes of effective visual communication.

 Achievement :

Graphics department has been bagged numerous scholarships, fellowships and a few tons of prestigious awards of national and international level till date. Among them some of the notable prestigious awards such as:-

National Academy Awards of Central Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi:-

            Mr. V. Nagdas  in the year 2000                    Mr. Sanjeev Kishor Gautam  in 2001

            Mr. Mahesh Prajapati  in 2006                        Mr. Rakesh Bani  in 2006

            Mr. Promod Barua  in 2007                            Mr. Sadik Basha  in 2008

            Mr. Ankur Tiwari  in 2009                              Mr. Subhashish Dutta  in 2010

            Mr. Rajesh Singh  in 2014                              Ms Kavita mehrotra in 2016

Green shield Fellowship of Canada

      1. Mr. Amalesh Das  in 1998

Nokia International Awards

      1. Mr. Rakesh Bani  in 1998 from Singapore.

      2. Mr. Sanjeev Kishor Gautam  in 2001 from Taiwan.

International Print Art Biennial of Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal India

      1. Mr. V. Nagdas  in 1996 & 2006

      2. Mr. Mahesh Prajapati  in 2006

      3. Mr. Rajesh Singh in 2008




 Prof. V. Nagdas

 Designation :- DEAN &Head

 Mobile :- +91 08103332345, 07820 234404

 Email Id :- [email protected]

Prof. V. Nagdas

Dr. Rabi Narayan Gupta
Designation :- Assistant Professor
Mobile :- +91 09827825115
Email Id :- [email protected]