Dance has been an integral aspect of Indian society since the ancient times. It represents one of the ancient methods of communication and as an outlet of expressing one’s emotions, towards the society or the Nature. Through the years dance, mainly Classical dance, it has developed through temples and royal courts and today is presented on the stage and is being taught at many educational institutes.

Dance nurtures and nourishes not just the body of the dancer, but also enriches and enhances one’s emotional, psychological and spiritual essence. It is not just a method of entertainment but is considered the direct way of connecting oneself with the supreme power and to achieve peace.

Dance is the language of gestures, to express feelings of mind without saying a word. Whether knowingly or unknowingly everybody utilizes this language of gestures and thus dance in their life. Today, crossing all kinds of boundaries, Dance has gained the interest of all whether as an entertainment, or education or to reach out to God.