Anti- Ragging Cell

Code of Conduct
1. All the students must adhere to the ‘University Code of Conduct’ and ‘Anti – Ragging Ordinance’ available with Proctor and Dean of Students Welfare.
2. Ragging, in or outside the campus, is strictly prohibited and considered a cognizable offence.
3. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned students shall be given chance to explain and if his/her explanation is not satisfactory, the authority would expel him/her from the institution.
4. A Proctorial-Board, (consisting of three senior university teachers, two senior students, two guardians, Proctor, Dean of Students Welfare, Wardens of girls and Boys Hostels) is constituted especially for the purpose of vigilance and recommendation of disciplinary actions.
5. For any anti-disciplinary act or misconduct of the students, inside or outside the university campus, disciplinary actions including suspension, expulsion, debarring from appearing in the examinations and rustication etc. will be taken on the recommendation of the Proctorial Board.
6. The girls are expected to attend the classes in sober dresses (like Salwar-kurta or Saree-blouse).
7. Smoking and using Liquor/Drugs in the campus is strictly prohibited and punishable.
8. In case of any dispute relating to admission/qualification/fee/reservation/age limit etc., decision of the university shall be final.